Why Certified Organic?

Why Certified Organic?

  • “Certified Organic” distinguishes between verified organic & marketing tactics
  • Organic avocados are grown without pesticidesusda
  • Organic farms are better for the environment

The only way to distinguish real organic from unverified organic, is the word Certified.

Carp Mag-Avos-Will+Billy_Page_006_Image_0001Organics was the only way people grew food until chemicals and pesticides became available to help increase production. With the movement towards sustainable agriculture and the awareness of consumers about potential long term damage from these practices the USDA created guidelines that define “Certified Organic”.

The National Organic Program (NOP) defines these minimum guidelines & procedures that certifying agencies, qualified by the USDA, can access and then qualify a farm as “Certified Organic. This allows you as a consumer to trust they are following a fairly ridged protocol and have met the USDA definition of Organic.

Las Palmalitas Ranch is certified by Demeter (Stellar NOP) located in Oregon. Demeter is also the only US certifier of Biodynamic produce in the U. S.   This is a world-wide standard for excellence in growing food.